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January 23, 2020:

Barbara Bourque, President Garden Club of Georgia; “Garden Club of Georgia: Where We Are and Where We Are Going”

Barbara Bourque, President Garden Club of Georgia; “Garden Club of Georgia: Where We Are and Where We Are Going”

February 27, 2020:
Life Member Recognition Luncheon

“Honor Our Life Members”
At this annual event, individuals and clubs are recognized for their contributions with a Life Membership in DeKalb Federation, culminating with the announcement of the DeKalb Federation Life Member of the Year.

March 19, 2020*:
Kathryn Kolb
Executive Director, EcoAlliance ; “A Healthier Relationship to Our Natural Environment Begins with an Understanding of Our Eco-Region"

Master Naturalist Kathryn Kolb shares over 30 years of field experience in forests and wild lands of the Southeast.  She has collaborated for over 25 years on projects with many regional environmental groups including The Wilderness Society, Georgia Forestwatch, Georgia Conservancy, Trees Atlanta, South River Watershed Alliance, West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, and many others.  Kathryn was founder and director Atlanta’s Keeping It Wild program.  She also served as consultant to DeKalb County Commissioners in 1999-2000, leading an initiative to re-vise the DeKalb County Tree Ordinance. She served on a City of Atlanta tree ordinance task force, and today consults with other municipalities and community groups on raising awareness about the value of regional forests and natural areas, and methods of incorporating trees and forests.

Installation of the 2019-2021 Federation officers will follow the program.


January 28, 2021:
Melanie Furr, Director of Education Atlanta Audubon Society “A Year in the Life of a Hummingbird”

Melanie will present stories about hummingbirds, including ones that have been injured and reside at the Blue Heron facility as they can no longer compete in the wild environment.

February 25, 2021:
Life Member Recognition Luncheon 

“Honoring our Life Members” At this annual event, individuals and clubs are recognized for their contributions with a Life Membership in DeKalb Federation, culminating with the announcement of the DeKalb Federation Life Member of the Year.


April 23, 2020:  
"And the Winner Is ...!" Annual Awards Presentation and Luncheon. Our clubs and members will be recognized for their outstanding work during the past year, followed by a catered lunch.

May 28, 2020:  
Jaclyn Cox, Licensed Social Worker, Georgia Regional Hospital and Member, Smoke Rise Morning Glories; “Garden Therapy Project at Georgia Regional Hospital”

Jackie is a licensed social worker at Georgia Regional Hospital and a member of Smoke Rise Morning Glories.  She will bring us up to date on the garden therapy project she developed for patients at the hospital.  This project is supported by grants from Dekalb Federation and the Espoma Company.

 “Presidents Recognition Ceremony”
Following the program, current Club Presidents, as well as former Federation Presidents, will be recognized for their service.


September 24, 2020:
Mickey Gazaway,
Garden Club Coordinator Pike Nurseries “House Plants and Trends in Home Gardening”

Mickey is an Atlanta native and has been with Pike Nurseries for twenty-five years. She has been a Store Manager/Assistant Manager and now is the Garden Club Coordinator. She does the “Pike’s Pick” portion of the Walter Reeves Garden Show on Saturday mornings and sometimes gets to host or co-host the show.  Her degree is in Environmental Horticulture and she has been a Georgia Master Gardener since 1983.  She is a Certified Arborist and also writes a garden column.

October 22, 2020:
Maribel Fernandez, Professor Georgia Gwinnett College “Brown Headed Nuthatch Study”

Maribel Fernandez received a Master’s degree in Animal Production Systems for the University of Minnesota (UMN).  She began working as an Extension Educator for UMN in 1999, where she developed educational programs and individual farm analyses with a focus on animal husbandry and natural resource conservation.  She stated teaching at Georgia Gwinnett College in 2010 and developed a biology course on agricultural practices and their impact on the environment.  Her interest in natural resource conservation led her to start teaching a course in Biology Conservation.  She seeks to bring practical experience to her students by participating in an Atlanta Audubon Society project for the conservation of the Brown-headed Nuthatch.

March 25, 2021:
Jonah McDonald, Naturalist Mason Mill Park New Officer Installation "Atlanta's Hidden Forests"

Jonah's expertise is in the green spaces found all over our metro area, as well as the local plants and trees of our Atlanta forests. Jonah will be reviewing his book Hiking Atlanta's Hidden Forests: Intown and Out (hikingatlanta.com) Installation of the 2021-2023 DeKalb Federation officers will follow the program.

April 22, 2021:  
"And the Winner Is ...!" Annual Awards Presentation and Luncheon. Our clubs and members will be recognized for their outstanding work during the past year, followed by a catered lunch. Iris

May 27, 2021:  
Barbara Dorfman, Independent Landscape Consultant “Why Native Plants are Important in our Landscapes”

After taking the Master Gardener course in 1985, Barbara studied horticulture at Gwinnett Technical College. She worked in sales and design at retail and wholesale nurseries until 2004, then as an independent landscape consultant. Her specialties are teaching homeowners and garden clubs how to handle their overgrown landscapes and eliminate exotic invasive plants. She is an active member of the Georgia Native Plant Society, which has sponsored several of her pruning seminars, and is passionate about promoting the use of native plants in the home landscape.

Barbara will draw from Doug Tallamy's “Bringing Nature Home” to explain why homeowners have a crucial role to play in the survival of native birds, butterflies and other threatened wildlife.  Her talk will include photos of native plants to illustrate how to use them in a home landscape.

Recognition Ceremonies
Following the program, current Club Presidents, former Federation Presidents, and ladies of the Legends Club will be recognized for their service.










Special Projects for 2019-2021

Restore the Beauty:
Quill Duncan, Chairman
The DeKalb Federation of Garden Clubs maintains the grounds adjacent to the Garden Center.  The current landscape was installed 30 years ago and is greatly in need of an overhaul.  A committee was formed to study the best way to renovate this space. Dead and dying plants will be removed, lower limbs of large trees cut down, and invasive plants and weeds eliminated.  Pine bark mini-nuggets will be placed on beds, a ‘Forest Pansy’ redbud tree will be planted in honor of our Legends Club members, and new plants added to the old rock garden.  Some of the work will be done by member volunteers, but much will be contracted out to professionals.  The goal of this project is to create a low-maintenance, attractive landscape that will be a source of pride to the members and reflect our love of gardening.


Nurturing with Nature:
Bonnie Pennington, Chairman
A new Garden Therapy project was started in 2019 in conjunction with Georgia Regional Hospital.  DeKalb Federation has supported the establishment and expansion of therapeutic gardens at Georgia Regional Hospital in Atlanta by giving advice on plants and planting and monetary contributions.  A member of one of our clubs is a Licensed Social Worker at the hospital and has been the driving force behind the establishment of their garden therapy program.  A grant from Espoma Organics has also supported this program.  DeKalb Federation will continue to support this important project.


Other New Projects

School Grounds Improvement Grant:
Beth Wielege, Chairman
A new grant has been established to support member clubs in improving school grounds.  Up to two $250 grants will be awarded each year.  Details on applications for this award will be posted soon.  An annual school grounds improvement award has also been established.


Continuing Projects

B.E.E. (Beautification and Environmental Education Grant)
Lorene Faulkennberry, Chairman
Grants in the amount of $500 are available for school beautification and/ or environmental education.  Up to two grants may be awarded each year.  Public schools in any community represented within the DeKalb Federation of Garden Clubs are eligible to apply.  Completed applications are due by September 15 of each year.  Checks are mailed to the winning schools.  These grants have been awarded every year since 2009.  Application for the grant may be found on the Federation website.

Blue Star Markers
Glenndolyn Hallman, Chairman
DeKalb Federation would like to increase the number of Blue Star Markers in our communities.  We are currently working with the leadership of the newly formed city of Tucker to identify a site for a Blue Star Marker.  This marker, with an estimated cost of $1530, will be paid for with funds from the DeKalb Federation treasury.  Donations from member clubs and businesses in Tucker will be gratefully accepted.

Continuing Projects

Blue Star Marker Restoration
Sandy Suggs, Chairman
In 2018, DeKalb Federation approved the establishment of a Blue Star Marker grant program, which provides up to three $500 grants to clubs for the restoration or installation of a Blue Star Marker. The Garden Club of Georgia also has a matching grant program which will cover half of the cost of restoration. Member clubs are encouraged to identify markers needing restoration and apply for these grants.

Community Service
Joanne Bennett, Chairman
Project Fig Leaf - Project Fig Leaf donations of clothing and toiletry items are collected by our clubs and delivered to either the Georgia Regional Hospital or the Veterans Administration Hospital for their residents.  Christmas stockings and Easter eggs, decorated by our members, are donated to the Hospitals or other deserving organizations.

Garden Center
Ann Purr, Director
The Garden Center, located on the grounds of the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center, serves as the heart of our organization.  It is used for Board and other meetings, houses our library and historical documents, and is available for use by member clubs at no cost.  Volunteers staff the Garden Center and maintain the grounds. 


Growth Through Membership
Glenndolyn Hallman, Chairman
We’ll be reaching out to increase our membership both at the club and individual level.  On the club level, we will reach out to clubs that have become inactive and encourage their participation.  We will also make efforts to encourage the formation of new clubs.  We’ll participate in any practical opportunity to put the work of the Federation before the public through news articles and working with our partner, Callanwolde, on special projects.  On the individual level, we will provide clubs with information on attracting new members and promote Subscribing Memberships in the Garden Club of Georgia.

Holidays for Heros
Carol Hayes, Chairman
This Community Service Project is carried out in partnership with Dobbins Air Force Reserve Base.  Member clubs are encouraged to prepare holiday cards for active military personnel overseas.  Do not sign your name on the cards nor seal the envelopes.  A garden club can be listed or simply a message thanking them for their service.   The cards should not have any glitter.  Holiday cards are collected at the September Federation General meeting and taken to Dobbins Air Force Base for distribution.

Keep DeKalb Beautiful
Barbara Adam, Chairman
This organization is involved with making our community safe environmentally by recycling, eliminating illegal signs and over-grown properties, and many other worthwhile projects.  Our members contribute by participating in recycling, cleanup days, etc.  The chairman shares this information with our members at monthly meetings and through e-mails.

Legends Club
Diane Hunter, Chairman
The Legends Club began in 2017 as a way to recognize long term, dedicated members of our Clubs who have reached the age of 90.  New members are sought in March by consultation with individual Club Presidents.  We honor these amazing individuals at our May meeting each year. They are presented with a bouquet and their names are placed on a plaque in the Garden Center.  A redbud tree will be planted in our newly renovated garden in honor of our Legends Club members. 

Sandy Reed, Chairman
Our library contains over 400 volumes of books on horticulture, design, environmental issues and other topics of interest to our members. The library was recently moved from the basement to the office of the garden center to protect books from water damage and to make them more available to members unable to negotiate steps. Books are arranged based on the Library of Congress system. A spreadsheet of the book inventory was created and is available on the Garden Center computer. Hard copies of the inventory, arranged by title, author and topic, are also available in the Garden Center. With the exception of books in the reference section, which are to remain in the library, all books may be checked out by members.

Leading Lights Annual Fundraiser
Rigby Duncan, Chairman
First begun in 2003, this is our major fundraiser and is held in early November.  Guests enjoy a catered lunch, bingo or fashion show, door prizes, raffles of gift baskets donated by our members and other items donated by local businesses.  This is an opportunity to get a head start on your holiday shopping by visiting the many vendor booths.  This term, Leading Lights will be held on November 14, 2019 and November 5, 2020; events for both years will be held in the Courtyard at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center.  Support this fundraiser with your time, talent and presence by contacting Rigby Duncan to volunteer

Mini Flower Shows
Vickey Cooper, Chairman
A mini flower show is held three times a year during a DeKalb Federation General meeting.  One of our member clubs displays a floral design and four horticultural specimens.  These are critiqued and scored by a National Accredited Flower Show Judge and/or a student judge.  The club that scores the highest number of points each year is recognized during our annual Awards Luncheon.  This has been an on-going project since 1949.

Patriotic Tribute for First Responders (Remember 9/11)
Susan Turner, Chairman
Beginning in 2014, Federation members participate on September 11 in a ceremony at the DeKalb County Police and Fire Headquarters in Tucker honoring the memory of the first responders who died in the horrific events of 2011.  We provide and place a wreath on the memorial at the front of the complex, which was constructed from debris of the Twin Towers.  This event is attended by many dignitaries and we receive coverage in the media.

Pull And Save A Tab For Ronald McDonald
Judy Lemoine, Chairman
We collect pull tabs from aluminum containers, which are given to the local Ronald McDonald house located near Emory University.  The tabs are sold to an aluminum recycler and the funds used to help finance the on-going projects of the Ronald McDonald Charities, which includes two Ronald McDonald Houses in the Atlanta area.  The chairman weighs each club’s contributions, and those contributing the greatest amount are recognized at our annual Awards Luncheon.

Valentines for Vets
Joan Bennett, Chairman
Approximately 1000 valentines are donated each year by our members for patients at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Decatur.  We will continue to collect valentines for the VA Hospital, but also expand distribution to other locations, such as the Northlake VA Clinical Annex and a local VFW.

Website Barbara Maaskant, Chairman
Established In 2006, DeKalb Federation has developed a comprehensive website that addresses all facets of our organization.  Updates are made as needed.  This is a wonderful way to convey items of interest, not only to our members, but to the general public as well.

Members of The DeKalb County Federation of Gardens Clubs, Inc., support the following activities through donations of time and talent:

National Garden Clubs, Inc., and Deep South Region Special Projects
The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. and Redbud District Special Projects
Redbud District Flower Show (Yellow Daisy)
Christmas at Callanwolde

For committee members contact information, click here

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