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The life membership program in DeKalb Federation began in 1994 to benefit the Garden Center's Endowment Fund. The charter members, 27 women, implemented the Life Membership Program to ensure the future existence of the Garden Center. From these 27 charter members, life membership has grown to more than 300 members. Life membership is a way of recognizing those who have made valuable contributions in gardening or garden club work. Non-garden club persons (such as friends, speakers or county officials) are also eligible, and memorials are encouraged as well. Even garden clubs can join the Life Membership Program. Include $50 in your annual garden club budget for honoring someone with a Life Membership.

The one-time, $50.00 tax-deductible donation entitles the Life Member to receive a copy of annual programs and newsletters, as well as the opportunity to attend informative Federation meetings. All proceeds from Life Memberships go to support the Garden Club of Georgia Scholarship Fund.

Become a LIFE Member and ensure perpetual LIFE to the Federation’s Garden Center.

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The Charter Life Members:
Jean Givens*
Lorraine Loftis
Wilma Coney
Margaret Strickland*
Rachel Fowler*
Rita Compher*
Irene Warren*
Margaret Lloyd
Joyce Green
Janice Hollis
Carolyn Waters*
Joy Stuart
Betty Grimes
Frances Bowen
Alice Boyd
Kathryn Lane
Eva Mullin*
Mary Lovings
Joan Thornton*
Rosa Capps
Ruth Combs*
Deen Day Sanders
Belva Cleveland*
Jackie Payne
Betty Thompson
Deanna McFarlan
Hermine Brewer*
All Life members of the DCFGC will be recognized annually at the February General Meeting.  At this time, the Federation's 'Life Member of the Year' will be announced. 
Selection Process for the 'Life Member of the Year':
The Board of Directors of The DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. will annually select the Life Member of the Year.  This process will begin with three nominations fro the Board, followed by a secret ballot vote.  The Life Membership Chairman and the Council President shall count the votes, and the nominee with the greatest number of votes shall be honored as the Life Member of the Year at the February Meeting.  When considering nominations for the Life Member of the Year, the Board will take into account the following parameters:  1. The nominee must be a Life Member in the Federation; 2. The nominee must demonstrate dedication to the Federation and its mission.
Life Members of the Year:

2003    Rachel Fowler
2004    Joan Thornton
2005    Rita Compher
2006    Rigby Duncan
2007    Frances Bowen
2008    Margaret Lloyd
2009    Deanna McFarlan
2010    Mickie Holton
2011    Joy Zaidan
2012    Edith Morton
2013    Lorene Falkenberry and Vivian Yancey
2014    Diane Hunter
2015    Betty Thompson
2016    Lorraine Loftis
2017    Sandy Suggs
2018    Joanne Bennett
2019    Ann Purr

Individuals receiving Life Membership will also receive a complimentary Life Member pin. DeKalb Federation made available Life Member pins in 2002.  The first Life Member honorary pin was presented to Rita Compher in February of 2002, and the second was presented to Jean Givens the same day.

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