Legends Club

The Legends Club began in 2017 as a way to recognize long term, dedicated members of our Clubs who have reached the age of 90. New members are sought in March by consultation with individual Club Presidents. We honor these amazing individuals at our May meeting each year. In the fall, we sponsor a planting on the Garden Center grounds. In addition, they are honored with permanent recognition at the Garden Center. (*Denotes Deceased Legends)

2017 Legends Inductees

Frances Bowen
Shenandoah Rose

Mickie Holton
Leafmore Hills

Mary Payne

Alice Boyd
Shenandoah Rose

Betty Hudson
Breckenridge Garden Arts I

Jeanie Schoelles

Fay Brewer*

Cle Jackson

Ruth Sullivan

Anita Brittain
Breckenridge Garden Arts I

Amelia James

Elizabeth Wellborn
Avondale Estates

Wilma Coney
Smoke Rise Garden Club

Jennie Leatherbery
Avondale Estates

Vivian Yancey
Sundial Garden Club

2018 Legends Inductees

Cathy Cames
Smoke Rise Morning Glories

JoAnn Geiger

Margaret Lloyd
Ladybugs Smoke Rise

2019 Legends Inductees

Eidth Morton
Smoke Rise

Thelma Watkins
Ashford Park


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