1. AWARDS YEAR. March 1st to last day of February.

2. DEADLINE. All entries must be in the Garden Center by March 1st.

3. THE DEKALB FEDERATION CLUB PRESIDENT’S ACTIVITY REPORT must be submitted annually to the Federation President by March 1st. Note: Presidents of clubs that are members of The Garden Club of Georgia, Inc. will also do a second report, The Garden Club of Georgia PRESIDENT’S REPORT OF GARDEN CLUB ACHIEVEMENTS (due February 15th). A copy of the GCG President’s Report should be sent to the State President, the Redbud District Director, and the Federation President. See the GCG GUIDE for more details.

4. ELIGIBILITY . Only clubs that are members in good standing with The DeKalb County Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. are eligible for DeKalb Federation awards competition. Junior Garden Clubs and/or Youth Groups must be sponsored by an adult member club to be eligible.

5. NEW AWARDS APPLICATION. There is a new Awards Application Form and a new procedure for applying for awards. Beginning with this administration, most awards will no longer need a Book of Evidence to accompany the application form. The Awards Application Form replaces the Book of Evidence. The Awards Application Form contains topics to be addressed. The length of the awards application is limited to 3 pages. All applications must be submitted on the current DeKalb Federation Awards Application Form.

There is a three page limit, using only the fronts of the pages, with the Awards Application Form being counted as the first of the three pages.

Binders, notebooks and vinyl sheet protectors are no longer required or allowed.

Completed Awards Application Forms may be submitted in one of three ways: electronically to the DeKalb Federation Awards Chairman; sent via US mail to the Awards Chairman; or dropped off at the Garden Center.

Awards forms may be obtained from the DeKalb Federation Awards Chairman, the DeKalb Federation website ( or the DF Yearbook.

Applicants must complete the Awards Application Form and submit the original form (the fronts of 3 pages only, with the application form being counted as the first page) to the DeKalb Federation Awards Chairman by March 1st. This Awards Application Form and the accompanying two pages are now what used to be the Book of Evidence. Keep one copy for your files. Exception: For yearbook entries complete the information requested on the Awards Application Form (the first 3 lines), but do not answer the questions. Clip 2 folded copies of the Awards Application Form to the inside front cover of the yearbook and send one copy to the DeKalb Federation Awards Chairman.

The exact same Award Application Form may not be used for more than one award entry. However, a project may qualify for more than one award and/or be described in several award entries in the same awards year. Provided that new aspects are added to previously submitted projects or an entirely new list of projects is submitted, a club may win the same award in succeeding years.

A. Presentation is not to exceed 3 pages, fronts of pages only, for a maximum of 3 typed surfaces. There should be no loose materials included. Use spray adhesive, rubber cement or double-sided tape for affixing photographs. Allow time for adhesive to dry completely. Or, if you prefer, you may electronically import photos into your document. All information should be typed, and all photographs identified.

B. Written text should be concise, covering all requirements in award description and scale of points for presentation, achievement, participation, record or documentation. Photocopies are permitted.

C. Page numbering is optional. Exceptions: Scrapbook and Yearbook.

This Scale of Points is to be used for any DF award that does not have its own Scale of Points.

Do not use this Scale of Points for Publications, Flower Show, Design, Attendance, Scrapbook, Yearbook, Club of the Year, Club Member of the Year, Library, Gavel, Website, History, Youth Awards, and any award that has its own Scale of Points.

Presentation.  Neat, concise, includes all required information, no more than 3 pages (counting the Awards Application and using fronts only of pages).  

5 pts.
Achievement.  Scope of project; need and fulfillment; benefit; accomplishment; comprehensiveness of work; activities to attain goals; evaluation of goals reached; educational; prior planning; very brief history if continuing project; financial report; other.                                            65 pts.
Participation.  Size of club; involvement of members, community, government agencies, professionals, youth, residents in facilities, and others. Not all must be involved.                                
15 pts.
Record or Documentation.  Supporting data (as applicable), clear, well-labeled and neatly attached before and after photographs if applicable, reduced landscape plan if required, letters of appreciation, community awards, newspaper/magazine articles (if possible), radio or TV script, other. Photocopies permitted

15 pts.

TOTAL             100 pts.


9. AWARDS JUDGING. All awards are judged by panels of qualified judges. The decision of the judges is final. Conformance to the scale of points for each award is important.

10. CERTIFICATES. An award certificate will be presented to First, Second, Third Place and Honorable Mention winners when merited.

11. TROPHIES. Photographs of perpetual silver trophies will be awarded to First Place Winners. Exception: A brass nameplate which will be mounted on a plaque hanging in the Garden Center for Award #15-Club Member of the Year and Award #21-Garden Center Participation. First place winners must score 90 or more.

12. RETURN OF ENTRIES. Awards entries may be picked up after the Awards Luncheon in April.




  1. Appoint a Club Awards Chairman who should become familiar with awards offered and the general requirements.
  2. Study the activities of the club, decide which awards to apply for, and put the proper award and the activities together, being careful to note the specific requirements.
  3. Plan ahead for needed pictures and other items of evidence. Keep a written account of the progress made, costs, members involved, supplies purchased or donated, and outside agencies and youth involved.
  4. Encourage the Club President, Club Awards Chairman, and other interested members to attend the annual Federation awards workshop.


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